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Jacksonville Horror?

I...uh...can't help but notice that this community is a bit dusty. And cobwebby. And moldy.

Now, I do take responsibility for *some* of that, since I am the maintainer/moderator and all,so...

What can I do to re-vitalise it? I'm asking you, the members, for your suggestions.

here are some ideas I like:

Start having get-togethers.
Start doing reviews of books and possibly artists/musicians that fit the "horror" theme in addition to just movies.

(Here's one I particularly like:)
Start submitting our own works, poetry, visual art, home-grown fiction, whatever.

(First person that puts up their own movie gets a prize!)

Any other ideas from anyone else?


What: Zombie attack on Landing.

Where: ... The Landing?

When: 6:15- 6:30

Tomorrow, sanitoid is having a zombie-walk at the Landing during the Art-Walk. here's the skinny:

Date: WEDNESDAY, May 3rd, 2006
Time: Unconfirmed but approximately 6pm
Place: Also unconfirmed but met up last time in front of the Landing...didn't encounter any problems.

Ground rules:
Had some minor issues with the first zombie walk...most significant being that some people were making attempts to scare/curse in front of children. I shouldn't have to reiterate that this isn't what the zombie walk is all about, so WATCH YOUR MOUTH. Its just poor taste.
Zombiewalk is not associated with any sort of publication or group. Quite simply, its a group of people who enjoy getting together to be considered for walking, exhumed, or decomposing art.

Any questions may be directed towards me, Holly, at the following email address:

Much love and brains,

Please repost as needed.

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hey i'm patrick. I live in new smyrna, but thats almost kind of jacksonville? I love Dario Argento, and I really love Brian De Palma, even tho he really isn't technically horror. I'm going to be the last great american horror filmmaker. ha.

favorite horror movies :

1. Halloween

2. Suspiria

3. Black Christmas

4. Deep Red

5. Audition

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Quick thoughtz on The Eye 2

I am a big japanese horror film fan. I guess the american ones are becoming far too predictable...So, I just finished the "Eye 2" If you haven't seen 1, don't despair..they really have nothing to do with each other. Still a good movie even for a sequel. It still has this creepy unpredictable aura about it, so I would suggest checking it out.

*Further Note*

A movie to stay far far FAR away from is "13 Seconds". I repeat DO NOT waste your money. This isn't even an OK - B just flat out SUCKS. It was good for the whole 13 seconds.

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Name: Marc
Age: 32
Favorite Horror Movie: Can you really pick a favorite.
Favorite Horror Writer: Lovecraft
Tell us a bit about yourself: Always been into horror got started on Stephen King and had to find other things from there.