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The Jacksonville Horror Show

The Jacksonville Horror Fan Club
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All Members , Moderated
jaxhorrorshow is an open community dedicated to the horror fans of Jacksonville,Florida. Do YOU know how to survive a zombie attack? Do vampires cross the street when they see you coming? Is your ideal vacation-spot some Eastern European country no one's ever heard of? When you hear the phrase "Ia, Ia, Cthulu Fthagn!" do you smile?

Then this may be the place for you.

This may also be the place for you if you're an aspiring horror writer, actor, or director...or if you just like scaring the living bejeesus* out of people.

(*Technical term.)

Feel free to discuss movies, writers, house haunting tips, whatever. If you want to post any pictures of make-up, costumes, or masks, please put them behind a cut.

Beyond that, do whatever.

There is ONE small request: When you join, please copy-and-paste the following survey and post it in the community as a sort of introduction:

Favorite Horror Movie:
Favorite Horror Writer:
Tell us a bit about yourself: